Richter Optica S6WiFi-ILST WiFi Digital Stereo Zoom Microscope on LED Track Stand


The Richter Optica S6WiFi-ILST stereo zoom microscope has a built-in zoom range of 0.7x – 4.5x. Depending on which auxiliary lenses are used the magnification of the microscope will vary (see the magnification chart shown below). The S6WiFi-ILST has built-in reflected and transmitted LED illumination. This microscope is sturdy with all metal parts and glass optics on an advanced LED lighted track stand frame. The microscope digital camera is a WiFi camera that uses its own WiFi network to project the microscope image onto your existing MAC iPad, iPhone or Android Tablet.


S6 Stereo Zoom Microscope Magnification
    WF10x Eyepieces WF15x Eyepieces WF20x Eyepieces
Auxiliary Lens Working Distance Total Magnification Field Size (mm) Total Magnification Field Size (mm) Total Magnification Field Size (mm)
0.5x 177mm 3.5x-22.5x 57.1-8.9 5.25x-33.75x 42.9-6.7 7x-45x 28.6-4.4
1x Standard 100mm 7x-45x 28.5-4.4 10.5x-67.5x 21.4-3.3 14x-90x 14.3-2.2
1.5x 47mm 10.5x-67.5x 19-3 15.75x-101.25x 14.2-2.2 21x-135x 9.5-1.5
2x 26mm 14x-90x 14.3-2.2 21x-135x 10.7-1.7 28x-180x 7.1-1.1
Viewing Head Trinocular body with viewing head that rotates 360°. Head locks in place with tightening screw. Dual diopters on each eyetube. Light is directed 100% to eyetubes and trinocular port.
Eyepieces Widefield 10x eyepieces / FN 20mm. Accepts 25mm diameter reticle.
Zoom Ratio 6.4:1
Objectives Zoom range of 0.7x- 4.5x.
Stand Rugged cast metal frame track stand with white enamel finish. Transmitted and reflected LED illumination. Top light has 15 LED Lights. Vertical travel of 110mm. Supplied with 100mm glass stage plate and two locked-on stage clips.
Focusing Rack and pinion focusing with slip clutch to protect mechanism against over-turning. Special tension adjustment.
Working Distnace 100mm
Illumination Transmitted and Reflected LED illumination with intensity control and on/off switch for each light.
C-Mount Adapter 0.5x C-Mount Adapter
WiFi Camera Camera connects via its own wireless network. Captures images 1280 x 1024. 1.3 Megapixel camera. Stream high resolution images from microscope to WiFi enabled smart phones, computers or tablets with iOS, Android or Windows OS. Stream images to up to four devices at once. Powered by rechargeable battery. App and Software free for download.
Dimensions Base is 11.75″ W x 12″ D. 12.5″ H.
Weight 11 lbs.
Warranty 5-year limited warranty on microscope, 1 year on WiFi camera.